Tank 4.5 comes with a compact and premium design with

IP67 (dust and water resistance) making it the most durable

and slimmest IP67 with a 4.5" display. This Smartphone was

designed to stand all your busy routines. Tank 4.5 will stand

some of the harshest treatments.











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      Get the apps that you love 

    Find the apps, music, videos, games, books, and magazines
    that you love on Google Play Store. You will have the ratings
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      Get social media apps
    and more

    Get access to the apps you want, love and
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      Play games anywhere you go

    Play the latest games anywhere you go; notice the real speed
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      Dont go a day without
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    Download songs and albums directly from your
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      Great Videos on an
    Amazing Display

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    Choose your Colorfullspecs

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    Choose your Colorfullspecs
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