Welcome Joy Flex!

The user friendly flip phone with big key pad and emergency access “SOS” key.

The VGA camera lets you capture and record all your most cherished moments. With Bluetooth technology, you will be able to share those moments with friends and family.

Never be caught in the dark thanks to the built in Flashlight, which can be easily accessed at the click of a button.

Crisp Display

A generous 2.4" display offers a clear view that anyone can easily see. From video to picture, nothing is impossible for the Joy Flex.

Design Inspired

The Joy Flex is an easy to use phone that utilize attractive elements with streamline form. The leather pattern on batter cover offer an perfect hand feel experience and impressive look.

Available in Black, Red, White.


Never be caught in the dark thanks to the built in flashlight, which can be easily accessed at the click of a button.

Life Matters

The Joy Flex is more then a phone, it is a life giver when emergencies arise. With a built in SOS button user can easily gain access to police, medical , or fire fighters at the press of a button. Nothing is more important than peace of mind.

Always Secured
Power Available

The Joy Flex offers a great 1400mAh battery that will be there for you in time of need and to use the built in LED Flashlight.


You never have to rely on a wall outlet when it comes to the Joy Flex. No matter where you are, your phone will always be able to make that call.


The Joy Flex is more than a phone, it is a life giver where emergencies arise. Quick access to 911 at the simple click of a button.

Hours of

Capture great pictures and video with the VGA Camera. Tune in your favorite music stations on its FM Radio. Share all your media via Bluetooth. Save your moments on External Memory (not included).

Dual Sim Inside

With DUAL SIM you could take advantage of different voice/data plans for better rates, better coverage, and separate bills. You can also separate personal from business phone calls.

For the international traveler, a DUAL SIM phone could avoid roaming charges by having a domestic carrier SIM and an international carrier SIM.

  • colors
  • colors
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  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • 2.4" 240 x 320 Resolution
  • 32MB | 24MB RAM
  • MicroSD up to 32GB
  • VGA
  • 1400mAh
  • Bluetooth v3.0
  • Extra
  • Emergency Access 'SOS' Button
  • Built In LED Flashlight