The ENERGY DIAMOND MINI is the first BLU smartphone to hit the market with a advanced tooling that allow the battery cover to be a 3D polygonal surface form. With the addition of state of the art paint technology, the GEM like pattern reflects a realistic metallic coating that is second to none.



The ENERGY DIAMOND MINI is the fruition of endless hours of research and development; engineering expertise; multiple angles of approach to the mold and tooling capability; out of this world creativity that the brings imaginary day dream thoughts to reality. The effort and dream for a design that is advanced and refined like the ENERGY DIAMOND MINI is purely passion.


The ENERGY DIAMOND MINI combines the use of a special metallic paint along with electrolyzed technology to achieve a high end looking smartphone. The middle housing contrast with a polished finish with sand blasted to stand out. The detail continues to the front fascia where the two speaker décor are color matched with a subtle sunburst pattern.


Utilizing a 5MP Auto Focus as the main camera along with 2MP front selfie camera, the ENERGY DIAMOND MINI offers a great camera experience. With built in f2.4 aperture all the images are life like and meant to cherish forever.


The MediaTek MT6580 chipset offers 1.3GHz Quad-core processing power that is both smooth and lag free.

With 4GB internal memory, all your music, photos, and movies are only a touch away. Need more? The ENERGY DIAMOND MINI has a built in MicroSD slot that can expand your memory up to 64GB.


Bring the magic of the movies right into your smartphone with the ENERY DIAMOND MINI and it’s generous 4” bright display with 480 x 800 crystal clear resolution. Huddle up with a group of your friends around the display and enjoy zero loss in quality thanks to BLU Infinite View Technology.


Your selfie camera is optimized to take the most vivid and clear images on the go. Capture all your memorable moments with friends and family. With built in BLU Final Touch software, you can optimize each image with features such as Auto Beauty and Image Brightness.


The most frustrating part of owning a smartphone is always low battery and having to search for power outlet to charge your device.

With the ENERGY DIAMOND MINI you will not have that problem as it is built with a 3,000mAh Super Battery that last up to 3 days with standard usage and over 25 days on standby with just one quick charge.


A Dual SIM gives you several advantages that you cannot let pass by. Having two SIM slots in your mobile device, there isn’t anything to worry about: Exchanging SIM cards from one phone to another • Carry two phones in your pocket • Remember to charge two devices. You could take advantage of different voice/data plans for better rates, better coverage, and separate bills. You can set apart personal from business phone calls. For the international traveler, a DUAL SIM phone could avoid roaming charges by having a domestic carrier SIM and an international carrier SIM.