Equipped with a power efficientis

Qualcomm Spapdragon 1.1 GHz Quad

Core Processor and 1GB of RAM, the

Studio G LTE will handle anything you put

in its way.


You also have a beautiful 5.0" screen

with BLU Infinite View Technology (IPS)

so no matter where you are, everything

will look good.











Lightning fast and good looks is

what will come to mind when

you put the Studio G LTE in your

hands. An Advances paint

technology that combines the

essence of nature, in this case a

stone texture, to form a brilliant

feel and look.







With DUAL SIM you could take

advantage of different

voice/data plans for better

rates, better coverage, and

separate bills. you can

also separate personal from

business phone calls. For the

international traveler, a DUAL

SIM phone could avoid roaming

charges by having a domestic

carrier SIM and a international

carrier SIM.




With data speeds up to 10 X

faster than 3G, the Studio G LTE

will be a great addition to help

ensure a productive and

entertaining life style.






Take pictures with the handy 5MP autofocus

main camera whenever a special moment

arises or teleconference with anyone

at a moment's notice with the

2MP front camera.


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  • D507


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