The Studio One comes in four colors with a dual finish on the aluminum housing. Combined with a mirror like polished surface and a sand blasted matte edge that compliment each other and bring our the true element of design to life.

BLU set out to engineer a remarkable device that would be the difference maker. The Studio One is a metamorphosis of technology and has a tasteful design that brings premium quality to the consumer.

Teamwork makes dream work! BLU and MediaTek have allied and present you the Studio One based on the 6735 platform that offers 1.3GHz Quad Core processing speed and 2GB of RAM.

The Studio One utilizes state of the art technology with its high resolution display and curved touch panel which gives the front of the smartphone an attractive look. Add to that, the BLU Infinite View (IPS Technology), the final display will blow your mind.

Utilizing a 13MP as the main camera along with 5MP front selfie camera, the Studio One offer the fully optimized camera experience.

5MP Wide Angle 84º Front Camera for a picture perfect selfie experience.

Stay connected with speeds of up to 10x faster than 3G. No matter where you are in the country you won’t find a nook or cranny that you will not be able to access internet.

A Dual SIM gives you several advantages that you cannot let pass by. Having two SIM slots in your mobile device, there isn’t anything to worry about:

  • Exchanging SIM cards from one phone to another
  • Carry two phones in your pocket
  • Remember to charge two devices.

You could take advantage of different voice/data plans for better rates, better coverage, and separate bills. You can set apart personal from business phone calls. For the international traveler, a DUAL SIM phone could avoid roaming charges by having a domestic carrier SIM and an international carrier SIM.