VIVO 4.3 goes a step beyond other mobile devices

delivering superior color, and enhanced readability

thanks to its great display. You will have the best visual

experience ever.











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  0004 GALLERY


     0000 Google-Play
      Download Music, Movies
    and More

    Get music, books, movies and more conveniently with only 
    the touch of a button. Google Play provides you the latest 
    releases on apps that you should get.
    Learn more about Google Play Store.
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      Apps at the touch
    of a button

    Download apps and customize the functionality of your phone.
    Keep in touch with the people you don’t see everyday thru
    the native app Facebook. Download the latest
    apps on Google Play Store.

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     0000 Games
      Gamers Paradise

    You will experience realistic graphics with vivid color and fluid animation.
    No matter if you are racing toward the finish line in a hot rod
    or gun blazing to save the world, this smartphone will provide
    you the best gaming experience. Download the latest games
    on Google Play.

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      Play your favorite songs

    Get recommendation on the latest music and albums that you
    should get on Google Play Store. Download the top new albums,
    and free songs of the day. Learn more at Google Play Store.


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      Play the moments

    Watch your videos whenever you feel like it.
    Upload all your moments on YouTube for all to see
    them straight from your smartphone. Download the
    latest movies or videos at Google Play Store.

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