A DUAL SIM phone gives you several advantages over a Single SIM.

By having two SIM slots in your mobile device, you do not have to worry about:

Exchanging SIM cards from one phone to another, carrying two phones in your pocket, or charging two devices.

Also, you could take advantage of different voice/data plans for better rates, better coverage, and separate bills. You can also separate personal from business calls, and the international traveler could avoid roaming charges by having one domestic carrier SIM and one international carrier SIM.



The Diva II is made with high end materials, shophisticated finishes, and come in a variety of colors which will allow you to communicate in style.



Analog TV for your favorite TV shows.
FM Radio to enjoy your favorite radio stations.
You will never miss a beat of the world around you.


With the Diva || you can enjoy endless conversations with friends and family thanks to its powerful battery.

It is built with a 1,100 mAh battery that lasts up to 18 hours of talk time and up to 650 hours of standby.